Empowering the facility

Our commitment is to ensure the financial success of your facility. We will provide a comprehensive evaluation, presenting a balanced picture of each available staffing model. We evaluate the professional fee component so you can make a clear and independent decision as to which anesthesia model will best suit your facility needs. More often than not, facility-employee models are overlooked and undervalued.

We are not a management company

Outsourcing the anesthesia contract is not always the best approach. New Life Anesthesia Consultants uses nearly three decades of anesthesia business experience to evaluate your current service and model. We are pro-facility... no more... no less.

Revenue stream and profit margin

This is a facility's to gain or lose. Anesthesia management companies speak about their improved technology, efficiency and networks. They are also about significant profit margins; profit margins that leave the facility, community and often the state. Knowing the worth of the revenue stream flowing through your anesthesia service is critical to administrators as they evaluate the direction of the anesthesia service.

20/20 perspective

Whether you're evaluating a service contract with a management company or desire to bring the anesthesia service in-house, New Life Anesthesia Consultants will give you accurate financial data needed to make the best informed decision. Should you elect to pursue a facility-employee model, we can advise on staffing and competitive salary structure, so that you can have the blue chip anesthesia professionals you desire.

Park Medical Management, Inc. (parkmedicalmgt.com)

Our partners have over 30 years experience in anesthesia billing. They are experts at maximizing revenue by managing billing, reimbursement processes and network agreements to ensure their clients that no dollars are left on the table.

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